• SMOL Glutathione -Whitening Pills-10 capsules

SMOL Glutathione -Whitening Pills-10 capsules

日本專利圓酵母KOHJIN 「OPITAC」 Glutathione ★UV protection & Brightens complexion ★Support overall health ★Blood orange extract contains natural vitamin C
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SMOL Glutathione

Made in Taiwan Product Description

*Calcium 33.4 mg

*Glutathione 250 mg

*Blood Orange Extract 120mg

*Ceramide 120 mg .


❤ High antioxidant.

❤ Anti-inflammatory acne treatment

❤ Supporting healthy immune function

❤ Brighten and flatten the skin color .


❌ No bad side effects.

Fill 10 capsules . .

How to drink.?

Drink 2 softgels in the morning


Shelf life: 3 years
Month/year (marked on the bottle)


1. Please read carefully the nutritional content and eating method of the product. People with food allergies should not eat it;
2. People who are allergic to glutathione, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and infants should avoid taking it.
3. This product contains milk products and is not suitable for people with allergies.
4. After eating, if you feel unwell due to your constitution or physical condition, please stop taking it;
5. If you are taking medication or returning to the clinic regularly, please take the initiative to consult your doctor;
6. This product is not used to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease;
7. Please place it in a place that is not easy for infants and young children;
8. This product is highly hygroscopic. Please do not take it with wet hands. At the same time, please pay attention to hygiene when handling and eating;
9. Please finish eating within the shelf life after opening;
10. Contains desiccant, please do not eat;
9. Eating more is not beneficial.
11. Allergy reminder: People who are allergic to glutathione, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and infants should avoid taking it.
12. Insured product liability insurance font size: Fubon Product Liability Insurance 0506-18AML0000467




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月/西元 (標示於瓶身上)


1. 請仔細詳讀產品營養成分與食用方法,本身為食物過敏體質者,請勿食用;

2. 對穀胱甘肽過敏者、孕婦、哺乳婦女及嬰幼兒應避免食用。

3. 本產品含有牛奶製品,不適和其過敏體質者食用。
4. 食用後,若因體質、或身體狀況感到不適時,請停止服用;
5. 服藥中或定期回診者,請主動向醫師諮詢;
6. 本產品不用於診斷,治癒或預防任何疾病;
7. 請放置於嬰幼兒不易取得之處;
8. 本產品屬吸濕性高之產品,請勿以沾溼的手拿取,同時,拿取及食用時請注意衛生;
9. 開封後請於保存期限內食用完畢;
10. 內含乾燥劑,請勿食用;
9. 多食無益。


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